Life on the road involves a steep learning curve. New nomads are often overwhelmed by the adjustment, but even experienced rubber tramps are usually on the lookout for useful ideas or tools.

The resources below will help you on the road, no matter what stage you are at in the rubber tramping journey.


These articles provide detailed information about life on the road.

How to Establish a Legal State Residency (Domicile) as a Nomad

One of the challenges that almost every nomad faces is where to call home. Fortunately, there are legal options for dealing with this complicated issue.

How to Establish a Legal State Residency (Domicile) as a Nomad

How to Live in a Car or Small Vehicle

During the time that I lived out of a Toyota Camry, people often expressed incredulity that I was able to live in such a small vehicle. The truth is that it was not a bad experience. These tips explain how I was able to be comfortable in such a small space.

How to Live in a Car or Small Vehicle

How to Mentally Prepare for Living in a Vehicle

The hardest part about learning to live in a vehicle is often the mental and emotional struggles. These tips will help you adjust quickly.

How to Mentally Prepare for Living in a Vehicle

How Debra Insulated Her Cargo Van: Fast, Easy, Affordable, and Attractive

Debra took an innovative approach to insulating her cargo van, and the results have been impressive.

How Debra Insulated Her Cargo Van: Fast, Easy, Affordable, and Attractive


There is no replacement for experience, but books can provide a wealth of information to help you on the rubber tramping journey. These books are worth considering.

Car Living

Car living is not for everyone. This is a unique and sometimes challenging lifestyle that most people only do on a temporary basis, but some people manage to succeed and thrive in a car for many years. Written by Rubber Tramping publisher and veteran car dweller Robert Witham, this book will help you make the most of car living.

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Minimalism is Robert Witham’s contribution to the conversation about voluntary simplicity and, specifically, simplicity of possessions. Robert has been interested in simple living for as long as he can remember, and has been a minimalist since around 1999. Like many serious minimalists, everything that he owns can fit into one bag. Robert can, and indeed has, packed to move across the country with only a 30-minute notice (more than once).

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How to Live in a Car, Van or RV–And Get Out of Debt, Travel and Find True Freedom

How to Live in a Car, Van or RV is one of the most thorough books on vehicle dwelling currently on the market. Written by Bob Wells of Cheap RV Living, this book contains insights that Bob has gained from many years on the road. Thousands of nomads and vehicle dwellers have read this book, and many credit their success on the road to the information it contains.

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There is a wealth of information available online about vandwelling and living nomadically. These websites are recommended as a starting point.

Robert Witham

The personal website of Rubber Tramping publisher and nomadic minimalist Robert Witham, this site contains Robert’s reflections on simple living along with travelogues.

Cheap RV Living

The website of long-time vandweller Bob Wells, Cheap RV Living includes a blog where Bob talks about his travels and philosophy, free campsite information, product and gear reviews, and a very popular forum. Cheap RV Living is one of the most comprehensive sites available.


Robert Witham

Rubber Tramping publisher Robert Witham maintains a YouTube channel featuring videos about travel and the nomadic life.

Debra Dickinson

Author and full-time van dweller Debra Dickinson publishes videos about the nomadic life and thriving after traumatic brain injury on her YouTube channel.

Cheap RV Living

Bob Wells is one of the best-known van dwellers. Bob posts several new videos each week about the nomadic life on the Cheap RV Living channel.